Concierge Services

Businesses can customize a package of concierge and errand services to enhance an employee benefit package, recognize special customers, reward staff or add value to their companies existing products and services.

More and more companies are finding that offering concierge services to employees and valued clients differentiates them from the competition. Gogirl end2end concierge program provides a cost effective solution for administrative needs.

Concierge for your employees

In today’s economy, many companies find it difficult to avoid layoffs, attract the best employees and avoid absenteeism. With fewer employees, each employee must take on larger workloads and this includes longer hours and less personal time.

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By providing a business concierge, companies are not only providing a valuable tool for employee satisfaction and retention, but are alleviating the time burden that personal tasks place on the company’s resources.

Your company will see an increase in productivity, lower turnover rates, better team spirit and increased employee loyalty.

Gogirl end2end concierge can customize a business concierge program for your company, providing services to your entire staff or to a specific group of individuals.

We offer a unique combination of both concierge and personal assistant services in order to more fully help relieve stress and burden of everyday tasks, keeping employees focused and heightening employees moral, all which leads to reduced costs and increased profitability.

As part of an Employee Incentive Program, corporate concierge and personal assistant services are designed to reward and recognize employee loyalty or performance and attract and retain the best and most talented employees to your clients.

Encourage your staff to strive for excellence by providing a truly personalized benefit that conveys your appreciation.

By offering a corporate concierge service to your employees, you will give your staff:

  • Reduced stress level, knowing personal tasks are being handled professionally and efficiently
  • Fewer distractions from work related tasks
  • Increased focus on their work during working hours
  • More quality time to spend on their home and family life

Concierge for Small Businesses

Businesses sometimes need extra support for specific projects or ongoing needs, without the need for hiring an additional employee.If you do not want to take on an expense of a full or even part time assistant or additional employee, you can still get the help you need. just when you need it.

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A cost effective solution, Gogirlconcierge team can serve as a personal assistant, make phone calls, arrange travel or other bookings, provide internet research or compete to-do-lists.

As part of a growing trend for outsourcing business tasks, business concierge assistants are playing an important role in today’s business environment by providing cost-saving benefits to the business and individuals.

The assistants can perform many of the same service as office based employees but without associated costs such as payroll tax, worker’s compensation, sick and other leave, training, office space, etc.

Corporate Concierge Services

The benefits of corporate concierge services to your business are clear:

  • Increased productivity from staff less distracted by personal responsibilities
  • Greater employee loyalty or lower staff turnover
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  • Positive impact on your bottom line
  • An enhanced ability to acquire and retain the best people in the industry

General Services Include:

  • Corporate Travel Service
  • Virtual assistants
  • Catering/Meal arrangements
  • Chauffeur/ Limousine services
  • Corporate Outings
  • Dinner meetings and parties
  • Events Planning
  • Hotel Arrangements
  • Messenger and courier services
  • Relocation Services
  • Event site selection
  • Employee service requests
  • Personal Services
  • Assist with Human Resources